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Trademark Firsts

AI might tell you that the oldest registration is the red triangle of Bass Brewery, registered in the UK in 1876. 

Bass & Co Pale Ale trademark with red triangle

However, this was registered in the United States in 1889 as registration number 16,851. (Note the handy description telling us the triangle is red!)

Bass registration certificate for the U.S. where the triangle has an arrow pointing to it with the word "Red"

In the United States, registration number 1 is for liquid paint issued to Averill Chemical Paint Company of New York N.Y. on October 25, 1870, which predates the UK red triangle registration. 

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 1

The registration is described as: "In the foreground, on a rock, with the word chemistry upon it, is an eagle, holding in his mouth a paint-pot or canister, with a brush, and a ribbon or streamer, on which are the words, 'Economical, Beautiful, Durable.'" An attorney in the Czech Republic discovered this use of the logo (it was also previously mentioned here):  

Paint Sample showing U.S. Trademark Registration No. 1

Going back even further, in 1859, PILSNER beer was registered in what is now known as the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Pilsner Bier trademark

Of course, trademarks existed prior to registration, so just because we don’t have earlier registrations doesn’t mean that any of these are the oldest trademarks!

In fact, the very first trademark filed with the USPTO did not get registration number 1, it got registration number 16, but it is no longer active:

U.S. Trademark No. 16

Also, if you’re wondering what is the oldest registration that is still active in the United States? SAMSON rope!

U.S. Trademark registration for Samson

Check out this video for more!


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