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Sound Trademarks

Sounds can act as trademarks! Today, Duracell obtained a registration for this sound. What other sound trademarks are there?

Can you hear Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company’s jingle? The mark consists of a vocalist singing the words “NATIONWIDE IS ON YOUR SIDE” accompanied by seven musical notes, E, G, G, G, A, C, C.

If I say Menards, you’re probably signing "Save Big Money at Menards!

American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, Georgia owns a trademark registration for the sound of a duck quacking the word "AFLAC.”

Once in a while, most of us enjoy cracking open those tubes of dough and putting them into the oven, and turning them into delicious flaky pastries. The Pillsbury Company owns a trademark registration for the sound of a childlike human giggle which represents the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle.

There’s also a trademark registration for the MGM lion roaring.

Remember when everybody used America Online also known as AOL? Now our cell phones ding every 2 or 3 seconds… but hearing this sound usually brought so much joy! They even made a movie called “You’ve Got Mail.” AOL has a still-active trademark for the spoken words "You’ve Got Mail.”

You may also recognize this registration owned by Deutsche Telekom. The description is a series of five musical notes written on the treble clef in the key of C Major, comprising a sequence of four joined semiquavers which are the musical three notes CCC and E, followed by A C Quarter Note. What if I show it to you this way? Yes, it’s T Mobile.

What other sounds can you think of that identify the source of goods and/or services?

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