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International Classes 41-45

Class 41 is for Education and Entertainment

This class includes education or training, services that aim to entertain or amuse people, services aimed at recreation of people, and the presentation of works of visual art or literature for cultural or educational purposes. Examples of services in class 41 include translation and language interpretation services, photography, news report services, sports and fitness training services, e-sport services, tutoring, training of animals, online gaming services, gambling services, organization of lotteries, ticket reservation services for entertainment, educational, and sporting events, and certain writing services such as songwriting.

Class 42 is for Computer and Scientific

This class applies to theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields, such as scientific laboratory services, engineering, computer programming, computer hardware, research, architectural services, or interior design. Examples of services in class 42 are software as a service, scientific research for medical purposes, oil, gas, and mining exploration services, dress design, geological surveys, graphic arts design, quality control, and urban planning.

Class 43 is for Hotels and Restaurants

This class deals with services for providing food and drink and temporary accommodation. Class 43 includes hotels, boarding for animals, rental of meeting rooms, retirement home services, day nursery services, renting of cooking apparatus, rental of chairs, tables, table linen, and glassware, and personal chef services.

Other examples of class 43 services are cake decorating, bar services, motel services, snack-bar services, and tent rentals.

Class 44 is for Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural.

This class includes mainly medical care, hygienic and beauty care given to human beings and animals, and services related to agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, and forestry. Examples of services in class 44 are hospital services, dentistry services, therapy services, veterinary services, blood bank and human tissue services, health spa services, animal grooming, body piercing and tattooing, services related to gardening and lawn care, and weed killing.

Class 45 is for Personal and Legal Services

This class includes services rendered by lawyers, legal assistances, and personal advocates. Class 45 also includes investigation and surveillance services relating to safety of people and property. Other examples of class 45 services are adoption agency services, religious and spiritual services, babysitting, dog walking services, house sitting, mediation, pet sitting, and escort services.

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