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International Classes 35-40

Class 35 is for Advertising and Business

This is a really broad class that includes business management, operation, organization and administration; advertising, marketing, and promotional services.

Class 35 also applies to public relations services; organization of trade fairs and exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; search engine optimization for sales promotion; tax preparation services; compilation of mathematical and statistical data; and office functions.

The sale of goods is not considered to be a service. However, bringing together goods for the benefit of others to allow them to conveniently view and purchase those goods, such as by a retail store, is a service.

Here are a few examples of services in class 35: auctioneering, invoicing, market studies, opinion polling, outdoor advertising, retail services related to bakery products, shorthand, typing, word processing, and television advertising.

Class 36 is for Insurance and Financial

This class includes financial, monetary, and banking services, insurance services, and real estate affairs. It includes financial transaction and payment services, including for gift cards and charitable services.

Class 36 includes financial appraisals, loan servicing, crowdfunding, safe deposit services, insurance underwriting, and brokerage services.

Class 37 is for Building Construction and repair

This class deals with construction services, installation and repair services, mining extraction, and oil and gas drilling.

Class 37 includes services in construction and restoration of objects to their original condition. Examples include road construction, shipbuilding, rental of construction tools, furniture restoration, swimming pool maintenance, cleaning of clothing, bricklaying, dry cleaning, laundering, masonry, tuning of bodies for automobiles, and vehicle washing.

Class 38 is for Telecommunications

This class includes services that allow people to communicate with one another, and for broadcasting and transmission of data.

Class 38 includes radio and television broadcasting, video-on-demand transmission, providing internet chatrooms, teleconferencing, telex services, telegraph services, and message sending.

Class 38 does not include online social networking services, which you can find in class 45.

Class 39 is for Transportation and Storage

This class includes transport, packaging and storage of goods, and travel arrangement.

Class 39 includes operation of railways, rental of vehicles for transportation, chauffeuring, replenishing vending machines and automated teller machines, and distribution of energy, electricity, and water.

Other examples of services in class 39 include bus transport, car parking, garage rental, gift wrapping, parcel delivery, piloting, and towing.

Class 40 is for Treatment of Materials

This class includes services rendered by the mechanical or chemical processing to transform objections to fulfill a person’s particular needs, requirements, or specifications.

Examples of services in class 40 include soldering, welding, fruit crushing, food and drink preservation, freezing of foods, custom manufacturing, services of a dental technician, quilting, embroidering, custom tailoring, blacksmithing, bookbinding, engraving, taxidermy, and printing.

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