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At TAF Legal, we believe trademarks are fun®, not overwhelming. We provide personalized service to help you navigate your legal needs™ related to trademarks, making the process clear, comprehensible, and, dare we say it, enjoyable, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

Unlike many discount filing services, we include Office Action responses in our flat fee bundles to show our commitment to helping you with your trademark needs so you can focus on your business.

A friend recommended Todd because he can practice in both Michigan and Ohio, which met my needs. Throughout the years of working with Todd, I have found him to be a good listener, very personable, an effective communicator, and very thorough with details. When possible, Todd comes up with multple ideas or options to take in dealing with my various legal concerns. In fact, he even stepped up to help in an area, so I did not have to hire another special lawyer. I have recommended Todd to both my family and friends.

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Todd TAF Legal


TAF Legal is the lighthouse that helps you protect your brand through federal trademark protection so you can focus on your business.

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  • Trademark research letter

  • Consultation with Attorney

  • Draft and file USPTO application

  • USPTO application fee for one class

  • Response to Non-Final Office Action



One trademark application for trademark in actual use in one class


  • Includes Builder Bundle Items

  • Statement of Use (including USPTO filing fee)

  • NOTE: USPTO filing fees for Requests for Extensions are not included



One intent to use trademark application


  • Trademark research letter

  • Consultation with Attorney

  • USPTO application fee for one class for two trademarks

  • Draft and file two USPTO applications

  • Response to Non-Final Office Action



Two trademark applications for One Word Mark & One Logo Mark


  • Preparing trademark applications

  • Filing trademark applications

  • Trademark research letters

  • Likelihood of Confusion Office Action responses

  • Descriptiveness Office Action responses

  • Other substantive Office Action Responses

  • Non-substantive Office Action response

  • Statements of Use

  • Petitions to the Director

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Responses to Cease and Desist letters

  • Declarations of Use

  • Applications for Renewal

  • Assignments

  • Update address

  • Consent Agreements

  • Co-Existence Agreements

  • Declarations of Incontestability

  • Attorney Substitutions

  • Oppositions

  • Appeals

  • Cancellation Actions

  • TTAB Actions

  • Litigation

  • Re-examination or Expungement actions

  • Trademark Monitoring

  • What is the Trademark Filing Process?
    Once hired, the first step TAF Legal takes is to conduct a comprehensive clearance search. TAF Legal will also discuss factors such as descriptiveness and likelihood of confusion, for example. The next step is to file a trademark application with the USPTO. It currently takes approximately 10 months before an Examiner looks at your application. The Examiner may issue an Office Action, to which you 3 months to respond. If you overcome any Office Action with your response, you will receive a Notice of Publication, and your trademark will be published in the Official Gazette. Other parties will have 30 days (plus extensions) to file an Opposition to your trademark. If nobody files an Opposition, congratulations, you should expect to receive your digital registration certificate soon!
  • How is priority determined?
    In the United States, priority is based on first use in commerce. Other jurisdictions may have a first to file policy. If you file an Intent to Use application, you can establish a priority date based on that application if you use the mark before another user and do so continuously.
  • What if I haven't used my trademark yet?
    If you have a good faith intention to use the mark for goods or services, you can file an Intent to Use application. Such an application requires additional filings within six months of receiving a Notice of Allowance. You are also permitted to file a total of five requests for a six-month extension. If the required filings are not timely made your trademark will be abandoned.
  • What is a Specimen?
    When filing an application alleging use of a trademark, you have to provide proof of that use for goods and/or services in commerce. For goods, the specimen must show actual use of the mark on the goods, on containers or packaging for the goods, on labels or tags affixed to the goods, or on a display associated with the goods. For services, the specimen must show direct association between the mark and service, such as letterhead, business cards, or invoices if they create a direct association between the mark and services you provide.
  • What is the Supplemental Register?
    A mark that is not distinctive, but can be in the future, may have the opportunity to be placed on the Supplemental Register. The Supplemental Register has a maybe-it-can-be-a-trademark-maybe-it-can’t-be vibe. Although marks on the Supplemental Register don’t get all of the benefits of marks on the Principal Register, marks on the Supplemental Register have some rights such as the right to sue in federal court and use ® .
  • What are International Classes?
    There are groupings or categories of goods and/or services, also known as International Classes. Your trademark application would list all classes in which you use the mark to sell goods and/or services. Goods can be found in classes 1-34 and classes 35-45 are for services. Filing fees are based on the number of classes in which you use your mark.
  • What is an Office Action?
    An Office Action is when the USPTO believes there is a reason your mark should not be registered after examining it, so they are refusing registration, but giving you an opportunity to respond. Office Actions can range from a simple request for clarification, to complex issues which would require a legal response in the form of a brief. You must respond to an Office Action from the USPTO within 3 months of receipt. You can ask for an extension for a fee. TAF Legal can respond to Office Actions on your behalf.
  • What's the difference between ®, ™, ℠?
    You can only use ® if you have a trademark registration. In the United States, that registration applies to the Principal Register and the Supplemental Register. If you are asserting any rights prior to filing, during filing, and after filing, you can use ™. If you provide services, you can use ℠.
  • Does my trademark expire?
    As long as you continuously use your trademark in commerce and file the appropriate maintenance documents, your trademark will not expire. You will need to file maintenance documents between the fifth and sixth year after registration, between the ninth and tenth year of registration, and every 10 years after that. TAF Legal can help you file those maintenance documents.



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